reschedule psychedelics - The Movie

Reschedule Psychedelics is a web-series project to educate policy makers, opinion leaders and the public about the benefits of rescheduling and integrating psychedelics in our society.

In 2014 I interviewed Claudio Naranjo. We spoke about psychedelics, underground psycho-therapy, education and politics.  

After speaking with him, I had the idea to realize a web-series, and afterward a documentary, about psychedelics and public policy.

I would like to interview 5 people about:

- cognitive liberty, freedom of thought, freedom of religion;

- drug policy, human rights, public health; 

 - research about potential uses of psychedelics and other scheduled substances.


I am looking for one or more people interested in producing the documentary.

I am also looking for people interested in joining the project.

For more information about the 5 people I would like to interview and about the questions I would like to ask:

Below you can find some short clips.


“If, as I believe, a nascent cognitive liberty movement is emerging in an era of ripening social condition, there is much we can do to precipitate it”.
— Julie Ruiz Sierra