RE-SCHEDULE Psychedelics:

Can you imagine a campaign to reschedule psychedelics?


Reschedule Because is a photo campaign about psychedelics and the stigma associated with it.

The best way to understand the idea of this campaign is to watch the clip of a similar photo campaign created by Luceo Images:

This photo campaign was exhibited in Vienna in 2015 during the Commission on Narcotic Drugs at the United Nations. During this event I had the opportunity to see these beautiful pictures and I got inspired about creating a similar photo campaign about psychedelics.

Below you can read the description of the photo campaign.

Luceo created a campaign producing on-site photography and video stations that engaged conference-goers in sharing their personal stories related to harm reduction.  "Conference-goers were asked to complete branded, fill-in-the-blank styled cards which allowed them to tell key pieces of their stories.  Participants were then photographed in diptych with one half of the diptych showing their hand holding their story and the other half featuring a tight, very personal portrait of their face.  The resulting images were then propagated through Harm Reduction Coalition’s social media channels. All generated media was shot in a simple, direct black-and-white style emphasizing the intrinsic humanity and dignity of each person.  

A selection of the photographs from the campaign were selected to be exhibited in 2015 at the 58th Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) at the United Nations in Vienna, Austria.  The exhibited works were printed on translucent backlit material and hung in large format throughout the windowed hallways at the Commission on Narcotic Drugs."

Can you imagine a similar photo campaign about why psychedelics should be rescheduled?


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