The Cognitive Freedom Alliance aspires to a post-prohibitionist world where everybody is free to control his or her own mental processes, cognition and consciousness.

We want to contribute to a shift of paradigm in drug policies.

Psychoactive substances can be referred to as treatments, medicines, sacraments, cognitive tools, and many other ways. The problem is that access to them, in many cases, is forbidden by the law.

Cognitive liberty is a fundamental human right

We want drug policies based on science and human rights.

We are in favour of intermediate steps as medicalisation, legalisation, decriminalisation. They all go towards a society where people are treated with more compassion and respect.

But we also want to put the seeds for something more.

As described in the book Doing Democracy, every social movement at the beginning has to face obstacles that seems impossible to overcome. As the movements grow and get organised, the final goals are transformed in smaller goals that are more tangible.

What can we expect from a global alliance of different movements advocating for more sensible drug policies?

Psychedelics are very powerfull transformational tools. If used wisely, they can be extremely valuable. They can't stay hidden for too long.

It will take time, but slowly society will shift towards a wider recognition of the right to use psychedelics. 

The Cognitive Freedom Alliance wants to participate in the Drug Policy Reform movement and offer a contribution based on education and advocacy with a focus on human rights, ethics and social justice.

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Is it time for a cognitive liberty social movement?

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
— Lao Tzu