Working group

on Psychedelics, Human Rights and Public Policy


In 2015 I went for the first time to the CND in Vienna, the Commission on Narcotic Drugs of the United Nations. When I was there I felt that these kind of meetings are important opportunities to learn from other organisations involved in drug policy reform.  These meetings are also opportunities to promote awareness about better ways to regulate drugs, directly in the presence of the people in charge for the implementation of the International Drug Control Conventions, the UN treaties on drugs. 

UNGASS 2019 is the next important meeting of the United Nations about the future of drug policy. 

UNGASS 2016 was quite disappointing from a political point of view, according with many drug policy reform activists.  At the same time it was also an important event where many people involved in the drug policy reform movement met for the first time. 

I think that the next editions of the CND and UNGASS 2019 will be important opportunities for the civil society to participate, debate and get organised. 

In order to be part of this transformation, one of the projects of the Cognitive Freedom Alliance is to join existing networks and promote the creation of an international working group about Psychedelics, Human Rights and Public Policy, in order to bring the contribution of the psychedelic community to UNGASS2019 and to other international drug policy conferences.

Article by Jonas Di Gregorio, 8.01.2017

If, as I believe, a nascent cognitive liberty movement is emerging in an era of ripening social condition, there is much we can do to precipitate it.
The biggest contribution anyone can make is getting involved.
Support organisations that defend cognitive liberty.
— Julie Ruiz Sierra